Our Impact

Powwater works closely with social businesses to provide clean water infrastructure and solutions in water scarce regions. We invest all of the net proceeds from your purchase into our impact partners: Shishir, Impact Water and Viva Con Agua. Learn more about our impact partners, financials, and solutions below:


Impact Water has a goal of providing universal access to clean drinking water at schools across Africa. They deliver reliable, proven water purification technologies at an affordable cost to schools in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. The Impact Water country teams work with local school administrators and government leaders to these services.

With each purchase of the Loving Cup, Bamboo, and Orca 1, we invest into Impact Water’s Aquatab Flo Systems and Aquatab for school systems in Kenya and Nigeria. These are chlorine tablets designed specifically for schools without electricity or piped water to provide large quantities of water for their students. Each tablet purifies 100L of water. With the purchase of one product from Powwater, you are providing sustainable clean water to over 20 schoolchildren.

Viva Con Agua’s water projects support water-scarce regions globally. Built in conjunction with community members, local recipients learn how to independently monitor, operate, and maintain each water system. Members are rewarded to conduct their own analysis on health hazards and water pollutants through open defecation. Hand-washing facilities and latrines are implemented to optimize sanitation, and training and education are promoted through sanitation clubs at local primary schools. Thus, each of Viva Con Agua’s projects are completed with an emphasis on teaching the recipient communities how to ensure continued effectiveness for clean drinking water and safe sanitation for years to come.

With each purchase of the Water is Life! bottle, Powwater invests into Viva Con Agua’s projects in East Gojam, Sodo, and Borana. The specific systems and goals of each project vary according to the nature of the community and its geographic location. However, the underlying mission behind each solution is to give communities the resources and training necessary to be independently responsible for safe water and sanitation for up to 8 years.

Shishir Water is on a mission to provide clean drinking water to the 39.9 million people in Bangladesh without it. Utilizing a micro-franchising model, Shishir establishes water filtration and production centers. Each is managed and operated by a local entrepreneur. River surface water - excessively found throughout Bangladesh - is filtered using UV Led technology. Each entrepreneur then sells the clean water to community members for $0.006 / liter. Thus, jobs are created and economic returns generated, ensuring the maintenance and operation of the system for years to come.

With each purchase of the Loving Cup, Bamboo, and Orca 1, we invest into Shishir, funding the establishment of micro production centers. Clean water from the centers is packaged, sold, and delivered in large tumblers to the doorsteps of Bangladeshi customers.

Uncompromised Transparency

We report our financials to honor the commitment of our consumers to invest directly into water solutions: 

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