Water Crisis

Today, 2.1 billion people need clean water, 4.5 billion people lack safe sanitation services, and 40% of humanity is affected by water scarcity. By 2025, 67% of the world’s population will be affected by water scarcity. Climate change and population growth will exponentially accelerate the water crisis; it is one of the most pressing problems we face in the 21st century. (UN)

Social Business

Social businesses are businesses created and designed to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Whereas charities or “one for one” business models create dependencies via handouts, social businesses empower communities to solve their own problems, creating jobs and stimulating economic returns. At Powwater, we are energized by our conviction in the power of social business to change the world.

“A charity dollar has only one life; a Social Business dollar can be invested over and over again.”– Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus


Our Team


Powwater is built on the thesis that social business can best solve our world’s problems. Consumers have the power to create positive change in every purchasing decision they make, we firmly believe that companies can and need to do more to create the world of tomorrow.

Water is the root for quality of life. For nearly a third of humanity, finding clean water is a daily struggle. Our mission is to unleash the true potential of these communities and individuals through the deployment of clean water systems.

Born in Jackson Hole, our model of Purpose Over Profit invokes the Shoot em’ Straight mentality of the Old West. We don’t hide, you know where to find us through uncompromised transparency. Our products are sustainable to preserve the natural world - F*%k Plastic!

Our team is located in Jackson, San Diego, and Berlin. Together, we are committed to turning products into impact vessels that change the world.

Water is Life!